5 Amazing Years of Dedication with Vidio!: Amiril Rahmi Faradini

5 Amazing Years of Dedication with Vidio!: Amiril Rahmi Faradini
Amiril Rahmi Faradini - Technical Program Manager

At Vidio, we embark on a remarkable journey with immense pride and gratitude. The unwavering dedication and hard work of our team have been instrumental in achieving 9 years of success, growth, and continuous learning. We owe our achievements to their exceptional efforts, without which this journey would not have been feasible.

We want to shine a spotlight today on Amiril Rahmi Faradini, as a TPM, who has been an invaluable member of our team for the past 5 years!

The beginning of it all...

Amiril joined BBM in 2018 as one of the Test Engineers. Since mid-2019, He was given the opportunity to help one of the TPMs, specifically in the BBM apps release process.

"More or less, the conversation at that time was like this:
Si A         : Mau coba teu?
Amiril        : Sok atuh, boleh aja.
Si A         : Yowes, mulai besok ya.
Amiril        : E…

–and, yes, longstory short, I am still a part of Vidio's TPM until now..
Thank God I can collaborate not only with the product engineering team, but also with many other teams in Vidio! And I've been given the opportunity to gain various experiences such as in the apps release process, project management, vendor management, and process improvement" he said.

How about your most valuable moment?

He admit that there were of course a lot of valuable moment, but one of the most memorable is creating a retrospective guideline (how to) document in Vidio!

BTW, do you know what retro is? If not, please search inside.vidio or ask the lead or even the nearest HR team :)

"Well in short; a retrospective is a session to discuss and reflect on what has gone well, what has been achieved, and what has not along with the obstacles. This session can be applied in (almost all) of our activities, whether in our respective teams, with other teams, or after a project is completed.

In addition to the guideline, I also help update the retro document template that can be used by all teams. That's it? Oh no no, together with the HR team we tried to introduce retro to Wadiono

In what ways did you introduce it?
Like telling our friends that this session is useful and should be regular, besides helping to moderate their retrospective session. Fully offline retro session (pre-pandemic) using whiteboard and sticky notes? Already :) Hybrid or online with Google documents? Also done...
Each one has its pluses and minuses and it's up to each team to decide which one they want" he excitedly explained.

Do you have any #9ameChanging moment throughout your 5 amazing years as Wadiono?

"Hemm... I'm not referring to anything in particular, but this is the result of experience (especially) on Vidio. Hopefully the answer below can answer this question" he said.

Because humans tend to be forgetful 🙂 overcommunication is always a good thing. Besides being a reminder to ourselves, overcommunication can be a means for others (whether involved or not) to ask questions and provide feedback.

With this motto, I do my best to overcommunicate via the tools we use, such as GChat, email, and Basecamp. And if I see info that should be shared on a larger scale, I try to remind people to do so."

Last but not least, any wishes for Vidio?

"Of course I hope Vidio can always be the best.
Can provide the quality and content needed by our users.
And can always prioritise the welfare of Wadiono :)" he said.

This dedication and passion for excellence exemplify the spirit of Vidio, and we look forward to many more years of success and achievements together.

Amiril is not just an employee; he's a symbol of what makes Vidio great. We are proud to have him as a part of Wadiono and look forward to many more years of incredible contributions!