5 Amazing Years of Dedication with Vidio!: Muhammad Arifino Setyawan

5 Amazing Years of Dedication with Vidio!: Muhammad Arifino Setyawan
Muhammad Arifino Setyawan - Video Engineer

At Vidio, we are incredibly proud and grateful as we set off on this amazing journey. Our team's incredible commitment and diligence have made our 9 years of success, development, and learning possible. Without them, it would not have been possible.

Today, we would like to highlight Muhammad Arifino Setyawan, a Video Engineer, who has been with us for five years, as one of our amazing team members.

The beginning of it all...

"Initially, I was accepted by PT Aplikasi Pesan Indonesia, but I never worked on BBM products. Long story short, I joined the Vidio engineering team, which only consisted of 5 people. It feels kinda strange that I've been there from seeing tens of viewers to hundreds in the beginning, hundreds of thousands, and even millions! From the initial team of only 5 to 10, to hundreds now. see how the video team is broken down into teams, moved to that team, and moved to this team. There are many memories and experiences that cannot be forgotten during my career here!"

And here comes Arifino's most valuable experiences as Wadiono!

Basically, Arifino admits that he has gained a lot of valuable experience during his 5 years as Wadiono. From sharing and learning new things to making mistakes that become postmortems– aah everything is so memorable!

However, there are some moments that are still vividly remembered in his memory:

When the premier or subscription based content on Vidio just launched.

He remembered that day when there was a soccer match which he sadly forgot whether it was EPL or Champions League. Arifino was just hanging out and wanted to go home from work at 7 o'clock, already arrived at the parking lot, but suddenly his phone didn't stop beeping because of the alert. He finally went back upstairs to accompany and help those who were on call until it was safe.

When the asian games were shown on video

He also remembered that time when Wadiono was so excited and watched it together on the 12th & 14th floor. "Semua teriak pas Indonesia bikin gol dan bikin jadi perpanjangan waktu pas lawan bahrain/tim timur tengah. Seru sih melihat penonton makin naik" he said. The euphoria and togetherness is what makes these memories even harder to forget.

#9ameChanger moments throughout this past 5 years!

"Actually, every valuable experiences that I had as Wadiono has also become a 9ame changing moment for me," he said.  But Arifino especially highlighted his experience of making an in-house transcoding with other friends in the ETS team that then turned into watchex and also turned into core as his definition of  9ame Changing moments. It's very challenging–yet so fun!

Arifino's best wishes for Vidio...

"I do hope that Vidio will be more successful, stable, and visionary. Hopefully, the content and its work will be increasingly recognized and liked by the Indonesian people. Semoga ekspansi ke luar juga sukses sentosa." Aamiiin!

Arifino is more than just a worker; he represents everything that makes Vidio exceptional. We are honored to have him at Wadiono and look forward to many more years of outstanding contribution!