Android Test Farm using

Android Test Farm using

Openstf is a open source tool that we can use to build a real device(Android) test farm. We can set in our local host and it can be access from any computer so we can share our real device with our team or maybe others team in our office. We don’t need touch our real device to control it. We don’t need bring and return the real device to cabinets or rack. We just only sit and open our browser then access the test farm server.

I feel helpful after using this because it’s not just about how people or team can control the device. Openstf give some feature that I don’t expected. Even so far I’m not yet use all of the feature but here is some benefit in my opinion:

  • Millisecond Delay when Control

When I first time control the device using the browser, I feel amaze about the delay response. It’s like control directly using a finger. It’s quick and responsive.

  • Log and Debuging
  • Install .apk file ? Just drag and drop in the browser!
  • Device Information

We can see our device information too using openstf. All information about the device such as API level, OS, Phone Number, Screen size and etc we can see in the dashboard.

  • Public IP Access

Yes, This is why we can use openstf as device lab. We can open our local host to public and another machine can control our device from browser.

  • Clean mode

Clean mode is default mode form openstf that will uninstall all app that we have used and install after we close our session with device. This default can be change using

stf local --no-cleanup

In other side there are some issue that we found:

  • Doesn’t support remote iphone device (for now)
  • We can’t Drag and Drop file(Upload) to devices

For this problem we can use Airdroid. It’s simple, we can share any file using our local wifi.

  • Not support “recent app button” in some device(Ex: Samsung)

For this problem, we can use Recent Apps Button app.

  • There’s no user role

The bad thing is when someone use a phone that you want to use, even you are a server admin you can’t force the user disconnected from the device, because there’s no role in openstf. 1 user 1 device, if you want access the device that another user has connected, you must wait until they release the device.


  • Ubuntu Desktop 16.04
  • Android Phone (I try 10 devices)
  • 2 Orico usb hub and 10 Usb Cables

I think that’s my little experience with openstf after 4 days using it. If you feel interested how openstf works, you can visit and try to build your own android real device farm with your friends.

Happy farming fellas 💻📱📱📱